About Us

Hi, I am Sathish Jadhav, a Blogger, a new Blogger just like you. I have created this Blog not to give any tutorials to you, but to share my ideas and experience with you. I like to experiment with Affiliate Marketing Tips, Make Money Online, Freelancing and Blogging Tips etc. I enjoy helping people to see World from a different angle

I am not a full-time blogger, Blogging is not my profession, I am a businessman I run a digital marketing agency in Dubai.

As I have told earlier, I am not a ProBlogger, I have not created this Blog with the only purpose of making money, I will not share or recommend anything that I have not tested. I think “Blogging” is like expressing one’s ideas and knowledge and if you really like my ideas (or do not like), please do share your thoughts on my posts.

If have any better idea, please drop a mail at skjadhavdigital@gmail.com or contact me here or at Contact Page.