7 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

7 Best affiliate marketing Programs in India

The mechanism of affiliate marketing is that affiliates has to promote other people’s product or services through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people ended up buying things through your referral link. In most cases, affiliates just have to search the product they enjoy and then promote that product to its audience and simply earn a share of money from the profit.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring a product convince your audience to buy those product. And most of an all being an affiliate is quite easy it is so easy that you can earn money while you’re asleep.

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India
7 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

If you are looking to earn some cash, affiliate marketing is the best option for you. There are lots of affiliate marketing networks in India that allow you to earn money when someone buys products or services through your referral link. In this article, we will talk about what is affiliate marketing and “7 Best affiliate marketing Programs in India”.

Still, having thoughts on where to begin or how to get started? We have listed the 7 Best affiliate marketing Programs in India that you should join today.

List of Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. V Commission
  3. Cuelinks
  4. Big rock
  5. Impact Radius
  6. Sportskeeda
  7. IndiaMart

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. Amazon has over millions of products that you can advertise on your website.

 You have to sign-up in Amazon’s affiliate marketing network. You have to make Amazon account for this, for existing Amazon users you can directly sign-up in Amazon’s affiliate program. After creating an Amazon account and signing up for the program, you have to use Site stripe to get the links, you just have to add them to your website.

You can also use various types of links that Amazon gives you to use like text links, image links, text and image links, etc. You can use these links to any product of your choice.

Amazon Affiliate Tutorials in Hindi

Video Credit: My Guruji: Teckmart Influencer

You can earn up to 12% of Amazon affiliate programs. It varies from 0.2% to 12% depending on what product you are selling. Amazon gives you a commission whenever a buyer buys a product from your particular link given on your website, blogs, or social media platforms. You will also get a commission for increasing traffic on the Amazon platform.

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V Commission

vCommission is considered as the favorite and largest affiliate network in India. vCommission gives popular affiliate offer for affiliates. CPA, CPI, CPC, and CPS are the main offers that vCommission provides. The vCommission affiliate marketing program begins in 2008 and now it is the favorite and top-rated network in India.

vCommission has more than 18,000 affiliates and has become the top affiliate network in India. Affiliates will find lots of offers on CPA, CPI, CPC, and CPS. VCommission is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks first established in 2008.

Vcommission is one of the leading affiliate networks in India. It has many great things to offer the performance market is quite great. Even it has a feature that you have to pay after you see the output from using this network. They provide an e-commerce enabler which helps you to generate more sale in your eCommerce site. Having vcommission by your side will generate guaranteed potential clients. The best thing about vcommission is that it converts your website links to money-making links.


This tool helps the content creator to concentrate on writing great content while monetizing their blog via affiliate marketing networks. You can earn a tremendous amount of money using the referral link. Using cuelinks makes your blog more profitable and you don’t have to worry about the management part.

Out of so many website why cuelinks

The first thing is this tool is easy to use if you don’t consider yourself a technical guy you can use this product as for using this tool you don’t need any prior technical knowledge. You also get all the detailed insight like clicks, conversion, etc in one single panel. They even have more than a thousand campaigns which useful for blogs. One thing about this tool is that your payment is directly transferred to your bank account so there is no need of contacting any merchant or affiliate network payouts. This is a great tool, to begin with, affiliate marketing. Specifically, if you’re new to this and needed a proper platform to guide you then you should consider it.

Big Rock Hosting

Bigrock affiliate marketing helps you to earn money in just 3 steps: you have to sign up first, refer the link to the potential customer, and start making money. This platform is best for web designers and bloggers who are interested in web hosting. Other than providing affiliates with high commissions for the sales generated, this company also provides high domain registration.

After you stumbled upon this platform you will get a URL. It will be your unique website where you start earning money through a commission by selling big rock’s services. You can use social media platforms, blogs to send traffic to your website. After each sale, you will get a commission for that. The main thing you can earn a tremendous amount of money through this affiliate marketing network. Other than this it is free to join so need zero investment for that. So if you’re considering a platform that needs zero cash for your joining and also pays you well enough for your services than you have landed on the right platform.

Impact Radius

Impact radius is a platform similar to vcommission, Rakuten, etc. The impact radius has its own way to compute the better result and it also calculates precise commission there are no chances of flaws. So it helps you to keep track of your earning. Many prestigious companies like Skillshare uses impact radius affiliate networking. And signing up in these projects is easy. Using this tool will help you to generate huge revenue. You should definitely consider this platform. maybe it has some flaws but it is worth it.


Sportskeeda.com is one of the largest hub for all kinds of sports update. This website was founded in 2009 and it gets around 130 million views/month. Sportskeeda affiliate program is considered to be one of the biggest pay per click platform which help you monetized all your click, clicks which are made by your social media followers.

So what is different about this affiliate marketing? The main reason is that it is very easy to use you just have to find the right article from sportskeeda.com after that generate a unique link from the dashboard and share this generated link to all your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc and after that get paid on regular basis.

What makes this network different from another one. You get your monthly payment without any interruption or delays. Definitely a good website if you consider yourself a sports fan. Apart from that, they provide a comprehensive dashboard so that you can track your earning. And most importantly it provides multiple payment methods. And just like the other ones joining the network is absolutely free.


Indiamart is one of the largest Indian based company which provides all kinds of drug, industrial goods, agricultural tools, etc. This platform plays a high amount of commission to its affiliates. If you’re looking for some change in this field and which pays well of money you can sign up for it.

Why is it such a great platform to begin with? This will provide you with the right affiliate network to meet your goals. It helps you to create collaterals for affiliates. Moreover, they have a great agency level relationship with all major affiliates like vcommision, eBay enterprise, and LinkShare. This kind of relationship helps to negotiate at the best rates with their clients. Apart from all this, it provides a comprehensive dashboard so that you can keep track of your earnings. You can consider this platform this affiliate marketing network has its own perks.


So now you know the seven most leading affiliate programs in India, but the decision is up to you which affiliate marketing network is suitable for you. You might face some problem as it is something new for you but once you get a grip on it definitely you definitely going to understand which affiliate marketing network suits you the most it’s more like a trial and error method once you begin with any of the networks you understand the aspect and significance of which brand to consider which kind product or services your reader or your social media audience most like to be interested in buying. For your convenience, we have sorted out some of the features of each affiliate marketing network which might help you decide which platform will be best for you.

Once you opt for affiliate marketing, describe the services and don’t forget to add affiliate links in your blogs or in your social media handles, out of which you can start earning a good commission

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