8 Business Mistakes To Avoid

Hello! here is the 8 Business Mistakes To Avoid for small business.

India is an emerging trade center. A new phase is underway in India. India is a country of youth, here politics is trying to be clean and everyone is eager to take new steps. In this link, new self employees are ahead. Coming today, let us know how new self employees, new businessmen do eight wrongs. Your thinking may be different from me, but every step is necessary for success (success), every watch must be new.

This blog is for those who want to start their new business or are small traders. Which are the 8 mistakes that are repeated again and again.

8 Business Mistakes

  1. Failure to Adapt
  2. Do Not Sell To The Wrong People
  3. To Make Anyone Your Partner
  4. Spending too Much Money
  5. Spending Very Little Money
  6. Being Against Intuition
  7. To Be Very Formal
  8. Against Interest

#1 Failure to Adapt

Value creation is essential in business. As a businessman, you need to find a way to deliver value in a cost-effective way. Most likely you will succeed in your first attempt or maybe You will waste a lot of time and resources in trying to produce and distribute. Instead of this, you have to adopt two different customization processes in the business process. Find ways to make yourself more efficient. You will get less cost in less time. What can I find? Find this question…

Inventory management, billing, communication, marketing, accounting, everything or a lot can be automated, try to devise your own way, not just adopt the old methods for doing routine tasks….

#2 Do Not Sell To The Wrong People

Selling is important for the survival of the business, but do not push your business by selling to the wrong people…. Let it run smooth… Selling to needy people is the right process, but by not adopting it, you know your relatives, your People, start selling to relatives.

For example, as we do business of insurance in India, staying in ICICI and ING LIFE I have seen this process happening very closely in which many agents are not able to survive for a long time. This is what they expect from an agent, because of which, when the agent fails to sell, the manager also fails .. and the result is that he loses his job or moves to another company, then to adopt the same process… insurance companies Also it seems to fail to understand this because the employees do not last long… their goal is to sell….

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In this process you break down the potential customer, by selling to the true customer, you will save yourself from possible headaches and you will get more time to focus on the service of the true customer.

#3 To Make Anyone Your Partner

Someone is interested in doing business with you. Do not make a partner on this basis only… learn to say yes to golden opportunities and not to say weak opportunities….

#4 Spending too Much Money

Put your money to start a small business even if it is a little .. and must be in cash flow. It is very important that starting a business with a big loan is not right. It can be considered right for a small businessman… today that the internet Business can be started in the world at a very low cost .. ex-Blogging, e-commerce, etc.

#5 Spending Very Little Money

Where you spend too much can get you in trouble, while you are not positive, you must be frugal, with frugality you can do the right thing in the right way, for example, you choose the right contractor, not buy the right equipment. Whatever the amount may be…. Consult others, often the opinion of others gives the right choice… You should choose the path like Arvind Kejriwal… Remember you can take time to develop the right knowledge.

#6 Being Against Intuition

Intuition is very important for business owners. The reason for company deals is often the intuition of the owners and managers. This intuition is why the businessman can be successful from successful to successful. If you ignore your intuition then it increases the possibility that you get hurt in deals… we are human beings, we have to depend on our brain which depends on human behavior… truly the brain does not have enough data so it cannot be predicted correctly for logical decision… There is no logical system… intuition satisfies this deficiency.

On this basis, it is expected that such and such a decision can be right. That is why I say that intuition is an important part of the decision-making process in business… Often depends on the relationship of business deals….

#7. To Be Very Formal

Built on business relationships, in some situations, formality is fine to a certain scale, but most mistakes occur when you start demonstrating formality. It’s okay to say “Hi” instead of the words “sir, sir” Might

It feels good in the early stages, but even after meeting the same person, again and again, being equally formal can harm you….

We are human beings, we want relationships for which it is necessary to be informal. It saves time, makes friends. Manish does not want to build relationships with faceless Nigmos… Every human wants a relationship with another human

#8 Against Interest

Often you take or start a business that has a lot of money or from which you want to earn a lot of money… you are interested in thinking whether you do not see it or do not want to see it… that is why you elevate your business Not even

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