Scope of Affiliate Marketing in India 2020 | Complete Guide

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that lets product owner partner with affiliate/s like bloggers, online publishers, companies or organizations to promote their brands and products. It also gives opportunity to affiliates to earn money on product without having products of their own.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring a product on online platform like blogs, website or social media. Affiliate gets commission when someone buys a product through the unique link given by the affiliate. This is also called pay for performance because affiliate will get money when someone uses his link to buy products or services.

How does affiliate marketing works?

Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy. Some businesses have their own marketing tools for affiliate marketing. They make their own affiliate programs. But many businesses partner with affiliate for their Affiliate programs.

These are 5 steps to participate in a affiliate program:

  • Find affiliate program that fits your niche and then join that program.
  • Select a product you want to promote.
  • Get a unique link for each product.
  • Share the products and links on social media, blogs, and website.
  • Collect your commission when someone buys a product from your given links.

Remember the more traffic you send to the product page or services, the chances of purchase will increase.

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Scope of affiliate marketing in India

Study shows that about 15% to 20% of total online sales is because of affiliate marketing. And this number is going to rise in the future as the number of internet users is increasing day by day and preference of online shopping is increasing as well so the number is expected to rise.

Research shows that the affiliate marketing industry in India is assumed to rise from $96 million to $835 million by 2025, which means there is a tremendous amount of growth in this industry.

Many people believe the reason behind such abnormal growth in affiliate marketing is because of growth of start-up culture in India.

NASSCOM(the national association of software and service companies) has estimated that by 2019 India would became the 3rd largest startup hub.

Today’s window shopper’s have variety of choices when it comes to buy some product. Due to such competition you need to have great deal of services and product so Indian start ups find affiliate marketing more reliable and most importantly commissions are given out when sales are generated from that website or blog.

Most of the e commerce store big or small has their own affiliate marketing budget. Most of the campaigns are run through big affiliate networks like Amazon and flipkart.

As the no of businesses goes online the scope for the affiliated market in India has seen an exponential growth. Most of the people specifically millennial prefer to shop variety of products online. Due to this reason we can say that most of the business should be concern about affiliate marketing.

 In this era of increasing competition, affiliate marketing helps brands to get a huge number of traffic.

We need this affiliate marketing more than ever as the businesses are preferring the online present so this is high time to consider this affiliate marketing.

Where do we stand in affiliate marketing in India?

Affiliate marketing is very a powerful strategy for making money online. Now a day’s most of the youngster makes huge amount money using this affiliate market.

 What makes this affiliate marketing different? The basic thing which stands out from rest of the marketing strategy is that this marketing strategy makes money even if you’re taking a nap.

Taking an affiliate program in India may amaze you in many ways it has lot of potential and it can gain you decent amount of traffic in your sites.

Consider Amazon’s affiliated program offers’ you decent package same goes for Flipkart affiliated programs. Both of this online store are huge and sells thousands of product online. You can select any product from there and you can make extra money by selling this product on your website or giving reviews on your social media handles or by writing a blog online.

Which product to be consider for affiliate marketing?

E-commerce site are gaining popularity day by day because of which affiliate marketing is getting recognized not only in India but also getting popular in rest of the world. Honestly speaking it is an easy way to choose one product from hundreds of product and sell online through your website.

But their is a catch people getting online not only to buy products but to buy online course, movie tickets, holiday packages, electric appliances………and the list goes on. Because of this affiliate marketing a new form of marketing has emerged. And honestly you can effectively start your business and there is countless number of things from which you can select.

So start today and make your website or blog a money making stuff.

Overview on Affiliate Marketing

If you’re totally new to this kind of marketing you should be aware about how this affiliate marketing works.

In short you help businesses to make money online through sales and they pay you commission per sale. You also get fair share amount of money if you generate leads for tthe particular business or by sending traffic on their website.

How it works?

  • You join affiliate marketing which has been offered by businesses directly or indirectly through the affiliate network.
  • You promote one of their products or their services to your customer or followers.
  • You influence your follower to go and buy those products.
  • The business makes out of that.
  • You get a commission because of your work

It is considered to be one of the most powerful tool to make money online by promoting other people’s product or services through your blogs or websites.

In fact you don’t have to invest anything and still you can make money out of it.

At first you might face some problem as you might not be familiar with term or you have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing. You require a careful planning and need to execute those plans according wise. So we are here to discuss how to start planning on affiliate marketing.

Where to begin with Affiliate marketing?

It is way easier to become an affiliate marketer. The very first thing you need is an affiliate program. Some of the businesses have their own affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart. But most of the small scale business provide affiliate program through affiliate network. In India you can choose from any affiliate program which satisfies your goals.

After you’re done with choosing network start displaying product or services on your websites and convince your followers to buy their products or services.

 The more you bring traffic to their businesses the more you get commission from per sale.

Are you ready for affiliate marketing?

Thanks to this marketing tactics due to which businesses in India are making huge amount of bucks from it and due to which many affiliates are getting huge commissions worldwide.

How much can affiliate marketer earn in India?

Honestly speaking there is no limit one can earn lakhs and crores out of this marketing. The amount of money it can gain is endless.

The companies are willing to pay crores of rupees to affiliates. Even on the other side of the coin they are looking for such kinds of people and they are willing to pay huge sum of money.


Once you get familiar with your goals and start the execution of your plan it becomes quite a thing, if you get to hang on affiliate marketing and because of your work traffic starts to grow more and more people are willing to buy their product you can’t imagine how much money you can make out of this thing and the more you spend time with affiliate marketing the more you get insights of this. There is so much scope for affiliate marketing in India knowing this scope you get to know why you should consider this affiliate marketing and why does E-commerce sites are willing to pay fair share money to affiliates and also defines how does this process works and how you can begin this. We hope this article has helped you to gain the knowledge you were seeking for.

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