What is a Website and Website definition?

What is a Website? Short Answer

A website, or website, is actually a collection or group of web pages. People often equate WebSite with Web Page, but this is not the case at all.

For example, Amazon.com is a website, in which millions of crores of web pages are available. It is very important to understand the difference between these two.

Do you know what is a website and how many types of websites are there? Many such questions come in everyone’s mind nowadays. Why don’t we discuss this in detail in today’s article? Not only this, and all the information related to this subject, we will discuss about all of them so that no more questions come to your mind.

Everyone has a mobile, laptop, and tablet, maybe you must also have one of these. Otherwise, where could you read my article from now. We do a lot of things with them, like playing games, listening to songs, watching movies, you do not need any internet to do these tasks.

But for some other tasks like sending email, online shopping, information search and online business, online movie ticket, train ticket, hotel book, internet is very important for all these tasks.

Let us delay in learning something new, now we will discuss this topic in detail, what is the website at the end.

What is a website

Collections of many webpages are called websites. It can also be said that a website or site is such a location where a lot of webpages are kept. There is some information in every webpage. Just like you are now on a page of a website, the page which has information about “what is a website”. And this webpage is a part of our website called affiliatemarketingindia.in https://affiliatemarketingindia.in/. When you click on the second post of our page, a new page will open, which is also a webpage.

To open the website, we use an application or software. Which we call web browser. EX-Google chrome, Operamini, UC Browser. If you do not understand now, then read this ex of mine – it will clear all your doubts, like I said https://hindime.net is this website and on the home page of this site when you will have many posts Those who are not able to see anything else are address / link of different webpage. Such webpages will be around 300-400 on our site. Every page has some information. Now read this sentence, “Collections of many WebPages are called websites”. You must have understood.

What is a Website & How Website Work Video Explanation

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Website definition

You should know about these subtags given below to better understand the topic of today.

Static Web Page

By its name, you must have understood that this is such a page. Where all never change, the pages remain fixed. Whom no one can change them. These static web pages are same for every new and old user. Whenever you open a website, you must have seen the pages whose contents never change. Those pages look the same to everyone. But there are some sites, such as Facebook.com whose contents of the page keep changing all the time and there are different webpages for different users.

Here are some examples of some static web pages. EX-about us page and Contact us page whose content never changes. Hopefully now you will have easy understanding of the static page. Now know dynamic webpage.

Dynamic Web Page

If you have understood the static web page, then you will understand it very easily. Because Dynamic web page content always changes. Here every user means that the page you open will be something else for me. Like when I login in fb, my page will be quite different from your fb page.

Dynamic means that the page changes frequently. Likewise, take an example, every web pages of shopping sites also keep changing for every user. Because you must be doing some search but I can OPEN the page to do some other page shopping. These are both examples of dynamic webpage. Do you want to make your website the design of your choice, then you will have to teach php, let’s talk about it now.

Static Webpages Vs Dynamic Webpages Video

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Home Page

The first page of the website is called Homepage. Or when someone visits the website, then the page that opens is called Home Page. ex: https://hindime.net After clicking in it, the page that opens will be called the Home Page of this site. This page remains in the root directory of the website. This page also keeps all these files index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.php, default.html and home.html

Search engine

Search Engine is a program. Or you can say that this is a web program that searches the user or information from Internet’s unlimited database in the Internet. The information that is available to Information Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is visible in the Search Result page. Just like Google does. Every query (question) is searched in the world wide web.

Web Address / URL

The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator. This is a formatted text string that is used in Web Browser, email clients or any other software to find a Network Resource. A network resource can be any file such as Web Pages, Text Document, Graphics or Programs.


A domain name only tells the name of your website. Only through this, people can access the website, this is the identity of the website. The name of the website can be written by letter and number only. The domain name is used to identify one or more IP addresses. Like Microsoft.com this is the name of a domain. All of you would be aware of it. Domain name is written into the URL to identify a specified webpage.

https://affiliatemarketingindia.in/ about If you look carefully at this URL, “affiliate marketing India” Domain Name is the name.

You must have seen that at the end of every blog / website one name remains separate. Such as .net, .com, .in, .org, they all represent the Top Level Domain. Let us understand some examples now.

What is a Domain Name Video

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Top Level Domain Extensions

.Gov – Government agencies

.Edu – Educational Institutions

.Org – Organizations (nonprofit)

.Mil – Military

.Com – commercial business

.Net – Network organizations

.In – India

.Ca – Canada

.Th – Thailand

Types of website 

Every day you use the Internet to get some information and open many types of blogs or websites.

These are all different types of websites. But if we see all these types, then we can divide them into two parts.

  1. Static website
  2. Dynamic website

So let us now know in detail about the type of website.

1. Static Website

A static website is a website whose web pages are stored in a format that is sent to a client web browser. Simply put, then a static website is a very basic type of website that can be easily created.

For this you do not have to have any kind of web programming and database design knowledge, but without this you can easily create a static website. Its web pages are coded in HTML.

Its codes are fixed for each page so that whatever information is present in a page does not change and hence they look exactly like a printed page.

2. Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is a website that changes or customize itself very often and that too automatically. In simple words, then Dynamic website is such a collection of dynamic web pages whose content keeps changing dynamically.

These websites access their content from a database or Content Management System (CMS). In such a situation, when you make any kind of change in the content of the database, then the content of the website also changes or gets updated automatically.

Dynamic website uses client-side scripting or server-side scripting, or both to generate dynamic content.

What is the difference between Webpage, Website, Web Server and Search Engine?

Often, people do not know much about these four technical terms because they are very confusing. So let’s know about them and also know the difference between them.

Web Page

These are documents that can be displayed in a web browser. Web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Appleā€™s Safari. These documents are also called “pages”.


This is a collection of web pages that are grouped together and usually they are connected with each other. Often a “web site” is also simply called a “site”.

Web server

It is a computer that hosts a website on the Internet.

Search Engine

This is a website that helps users to find other web pages, for example Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

To understand the things mentioned above, let’s use a simple analogy – a public library. We one

Let’s understand what we do in the library:

  • First, search the search index and then search for the title of the book you want.
  • Make a note of the book’s catalog number.
  • Then go to the particular section in which you will have that book, then search for the correct catalog number, and with this, you can make your book.

Let us now compare this Library with a Web Server:

  • A library is like a web server. There are many sections in it, which are similar to a web server in which multiple websites are hosted.
  • The library has different sections like science, math, history, etc. These sections are similar to websites. Each section is like a unique website (as two sections do not have the same books).
  • Available books in Sections are like Webpages. There are many webpages of a website, such as the Science section (which is a website), books in it can be of different topics like heat, sound, thermodynamics, statics, etc. (You can call them webpages).
  • In that search index is similar to a search engine. Each book has a unique location in the library (eg two books cannot live in one place or one place) and is specified with a catalog number.
  • Same webpages also have unique addresses. These unique addresses are used to retrieve a webpage from a web server. For this, all one has to do is type the address in the address bar of the web browser.

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