What is Amazon Affiliate Program India | How to Earn Money

What is Amazon Affiliate Program India

Amazon launched their Indian Marketplace and launched an associate program for Indian Publishers. Amazon India’s marketplace sells a wide range of products such as electronics including goods, books, mobile phones, Kindle devices, and movies. If you are not involved in affiliate marketing, then you must read our guide to understand its basics.

Amazon affiliate program India exactly their U.S. Similar to the front, but for Indian affiliates, they are paying hefty commissions on every sale. According to the press release, he is paying 5% commission on consumer electronics and 10% commission on all devices, including Kindle devices.

How to Join Amazon affiliates Program India

As we all know that Amazon is the top platform in the world, Where millions of products are listed. And it also has an affiliate program for affiliates. Which is included in the world’s top affiliate program.

What is the Amazon Associate Program?

This is an affiliate program. Which is famous in the world and thousands of people earn lakhs of rupees from this program. What is Amazon’s associate program? Associate means joining with someone.

Just like there are sales men in retail, we are also called sales associates.
In the same way there are Amazon associates who sell online.
And takes commission of sales. This is called associate program,

This whole process is called affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate program helps content creators and generates this traffic for publisher and blogger. Simultaneously it also monetize from which you can also earn.

How to Work Amazon affiliate program in India?

I will tell you about its program in very easy language, for this you will have to follow this article step by step.

It has 3 things to do, let’s know what it can be.

Step #1. You have to sign up at the Amazon affiliate program India.
Step #2. You have to recommend amazon product to your audience
Step #3. You have to earn after selling the product. ( You have to generate 3 qualified sales within 180 days, otherwise, your account will be closed.)

How to Sign up Amazon Affiliate Program India Video

Credit: Ankur Agarwal

How to Build Products Links

It is often seen that new people who join affiliate in amazon, So want to know how to create affiliate links. And you will also know how you can earn money through your linked link.

You have to go to the product linking menu in the dashboard and select the product link.

‌Site strip- It appears in the account of amazon and that too when you are an affiliate user. In this, you can take a link to direct product, select image, text, or text with image.

Where You Can Share Your Product Links?

If your amazon affiliate program has been signed up so far, then you must follow the steps ahead.

  • Share your product link to your own website or Any Blog
  • You can share your product link on the Facebook page
  • Share your products Instagram page
  • Share your products on other social media platforms.

Note: Recently my 2-3 friend’s amazon affiliate account banned, they shared links on WhatsApp and Messenger, Please first read amazon policies

How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program India

To earn money from Amazon, you must first join the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. After that the product sale that the company does is to be promoted. And when a customer buys the product from your Affiliate Link, then they get a commission from it.

This is a very easy way to make income, you can use Social Networking to make income from it. Like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. You do not even have to invest money in it. You can earn well without investing money.

To earn from this, you have to become a member of Amazon Affiliate Site. After this, by selecting a product, you can share its link anywhere on social media. And when the customer clicks on this link and purchases a product, then you have an income.

Friends, you have come to know about Affiliate Marketing Program well, so now know how to join Affiliate Program to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program.


Through today’s post, you learned that what is an amazon affiliate program and How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program India.

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